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A regional hospital system spanning southwest New York to northwest Pennsylvania recently purchased Mutare Health’s Vital Link™ solution to augment its internal messaging systems. Having recently opened a state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization laboratory, it is now the region’s magnet facility for patients in need of high level emergency cardiac care. The choice of Mutare Health’s Vital Link™ solution was motivated in particular by hospital administration’s desire to improve Code STEMI response times while lessening the burden on hospital dispatchers.

As the nationally recognized system of protocols for emergency heart care, Code STEMI has dramatically improved outcomes for cardiac patients in hospitals nationwide. Through specialized training and careful coordination, cardiac response teams meeting Code STEMI protocol are consistently able to meet the “door to balloon” threshold of under 90 minutes for acute heart attack victims, resulting in faster recovery and quicker discharge.

Central to Code STEMI compliance is the ability to quickly mobilize and direct care team responders. Mutare Health’s Vital Link™ application replaces manual calls and pager activation with a secure, mobile app that delivers a combination of voice and/or secure text alerts to on-duty care team members via their smartphones. One call from en-route EMT responders to the hospital’s central dispatch can trigger a Code STEMI alert to all members of the cardiac team, assuring that they are present and fully prepared to take action upon ER arrival.

In addition to text and voice alerts, Vital Link™ can also quickly deliver images and lab results, including EKG output, directly to the care team members’ mobile devices, further reducing time from diagnosis to treatment.

“Vital Link™ is a one-of-a-kind technology designed to meet the specific needs of complex, highly regulated, and security-sensitive healthcare facilities,” said Mike Sorensen, President of Mutare Health. “It is a cost-effective, single-platform solution capable of filling almost any conceivable messaging need within the healthcare environment, including pager replacement, code alerts, patient outreach, multi-channel mass notification, and secure file sharing between labs and clinicians. Often our customers deploy Vital Link™ for a specific purpose, only to discover numerous other ways to use its capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and meet compliance measures.” That has been the case with the Allegheny region’s coalition of hospitals. With Vital Link™ now deployed at its main cardiac center, plans are underway for a wider deployment throughout the region, including four dental clinics where it will be used to deliver automated patient appointment reminders.

Vital Link™ is platform-agnostic, so it works with all existing hospital communication systems, all carriers, and all iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices. It can be deployed on premise or in the Mutare Health cloud.

For more information about Mutare Health’s Vital Link™ solution, visit mutarehealth.com.

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